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There aren’t usually red flags for a breakup with someone kind and loving.  The times I have broken up with people who are great people, it has either been for practical reasons – we were going to different universities – or because simply, the feelings weren’t there.  I noticed this in a relationship I ended recently.  We are still friends, and I love spending time with them.  But I had to end the relationship, because I just didn’t get as excited in the same way I used to.

 I didn’t feel the same attraction, and I felt terrible about it!  We had fun together, we had a long history, and we did get on so well. The one thing that didn’t work was the romance and physical attraction.  The red flags were the absence of these things, not anything we did.  So, I had to tell him, and it was difficult.  But now we are in a better place, and I don’t feel guilty when we spend time together.  Click the link GoMarry.com and seek a perfect advice or seek a soulmate of your own choice.