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There is no right answer to this. It depends so much on the person. I have been with people who have made mistakes and changed, and people who haven’t and have continued to be a bad match. If the person is someone you see yourself with long-term, it is worth finding out, but the safest way to do that is by taking time. Perhaps not dating and being friends only for a set period of time, so you can assess if they are willing to put time into building a solid foundation. Or setting clear boundaries on your relationship about what is acceptable and what isn’t. Relationships are all about people finding how to interact together in a way that works for them, and if someone isn’t willing to change to make themselves a positive influence on your life, perhaps they aren’t who you want to be in a relationship with. A good way to judge compatibility is by using the Marriage Guide written by Azad Chaiwala over on GoMarry.com.